What the experts say about DOVE:

Pat Pine RDH

Valves are now available to keep patient’s safe in any dental facility.  New disposable versions are clean and offer backflow prevention.  We need to protect our patients from microbial biohazardous debris and possible transmission of disease via backwash.  The Hippocratic Oath and professional ethics standards demand that we first, do no harm.

Sheri B. Doniger DDS

Our offices are so aware of the infection control standards, including disinfecting countertops, sterilizing instruments and discarding disposable items from our procedures, such as saliva ejectors and HVE, though we may have missed one area where cross contamination may occur.  

We believe every patient should be provided a clean safe valve.  With disposable valves, we eliminate the risk of backflow and ensure each patient received the cleanest possible dental visit.

Kirk Kimmerling DDS and Office:

Christine G, RDH - Really love the new Dove disposable valves. Like the easy to use, sleek design and the fact I’m protecting my patients from the back flow of harmful biofilms.

Brittany L, RDH - Love the peace of mind that I have after using Dove disposable valves. They are great for infection control and very easy to change out between patients. 

Stefanie B, RDH - Our patients deserve the best and we give it to them with the Dove disposable valves. It protects them from cross contamination and they are very easy and sturdy when using. 

Tricia H, EDA - We love the HVE Dove disposable valves. They are light weight and quiet and they are more comfortable to hold.

Tim Talbott DDS, MS:

We've ordered our fair share of saliva ejector parts, including O-rings,  filter traps, and rubber tips, because they either get misplaced or do  not hold up well. When we work with the disposable valves, we just need  to snap them on before each new patient and dispose of them immediately  afterwards. The time saved and assurance that we have a safer product is  invaluable.

Jerry Kohen DDS, MBA:

Stand out from the crowd and let your patients know that your suction system is truly safe and clean when using disposable Dove valves